Excel 2013 Advance

Excel 2013 Advanced Training Materials 12 Hrs.

Pivot tables
•    Creating and using a pivot table
•    Filtering and sorting data within a pivot table
•    Automatically grouping data in a pivot table and renaming groups
•    Manually grouping data in a pivot table and renaming groups
Input tables
•    One-input data tables
•    Two-input data tables
•    Creating a combined line and column chart
•    Adding a secondary axis to a chart
•    Changing the chart type for a particular data series
•    Adding a data series to a chart
•    Removing a data series from a chart
•    Re-positioning chart title
•    Re-positioning the chart legend
•    Moving and formatting chart data labels
•    Modifying chart axis scales
•    Formatting an axis to display using commas
•    Inserting images into chart columns
•    Inserting images to chart bars
•    Formatting the chart plot area using a picture
•    Formatting the chart area using a picture
•    Inserting a hyperlink
•    Editing a hyperlink
•    Removing a hyperlink
Linking & embedding
•    What is embedding and linking?
•    Linking data within a worksheet
•    Linking cells between worksheets within a workbook
•    Linking data between workbooks
•    Linking data from Excel to a Word document
•    Linking an Excel chart to a Word document
•    Updating, locking and breaking links
Importing text files
•    What is a delimited text file?
•    Importing a delimited text file
Sorting and filtering data
•    Sorting data by multiple columns at the same time
•    Applying a pre-installed custom sort
•    Creating a customized list and performing a custom sort
•    Removing a customised list
•    Using AutoFilter
•    Using AutoFilter to perform multiple queries
•    Top 10 AutoFilter
•    Removing all AutoFilters from a worksheet
•    Advanced filter criteria
•    Sub-totalling
•    Removing subtotals
•    Expanding and collapsing outline detail levels
Tracking and reviewing changes
•    Enabling or disabling the ‘track changes’ feature
•    Sharing, comparing and merging worksheets
•    Scenario manager
•    Scenario summary reports
•    Data validation – whole number
•    Data validation – decimal number
•    Data validation – list
•    Data validation – date
•    Data validation – time
•    Data validation – text length
•    Customising a validation input message and error alert
•    Removing data validation
•    Tracing precedent cells
•    Tracing dependent cells
•    Identifying cells with missing dependents
•    Showing all formulas in a worksheet, rather than the resulting values
•    Inserting and viewing comments
•    Editing and deleting comments
•    Showing and hiding comments
•    Macro to change the page set-up
•    Macro to apply a custom number format
•    Macro to format a cell range
•    Macro to insert fields into the header or footer
•    Assigning a macro to a button on the quick access toolbar
•    Deleting macros
Passwords & security issues
•    Adding ‘open’ password protection to a workbook
•    Adding ‘modify’ password protection to a workbook
•    Removing an ‘open’ password from a workbook
•    Removing a ‘modify’ password from a workbook
•    Password protecting cells and worksheets
•    Hiding formulas
•    Un-hiding formulas